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Employment Opportunities » Band/Music Teacher

Band/Music Teacher

Band/Music Teacher
Cairo School District
Instructs students in developing knowledge and skills in accordance with the course of study adopted by the Board of Education.

Enables students to develop an appreciation of the art of music.

Demonstrates techniques to students in music concepts.

Develops clear and concise instructional lesson plans and organizes class time to provide a balanced program of preparation, instruction, and rehearsal time.

Provides individual and small group instruction and adapts the curriculum to the needs of students with varying abilities.

Uses a variety of instructional techniques and musical repertoire appropriate for the ages and skill level of students.

Establishes and maintains standards of pupil behavior and creates a safe, orderly, and effective environment for learning during practice, group rehearsals, and musical performances.

Arranges opportunities for students to present musical performances both during and after school hours.
Plans, rehearses, and directs students in musical programs for the school and community.

Instructs students in the proper care and use of equipment.

Organizes storage areas and controls the use of materials and equipment to prevent loss, abuse, injury, or security breech.

Maintains an organized and workable inventory of all music and equipment related to the program.

Makes minor adjustments to musical equipment and requests repairs as appropriate.

Evaluates student performance and growth in knowledge and understandings and prepares regular progress reports.

Conferences regularly with parents/guardians regarding behavior observations and the performance of students.

Identifies student needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in helping students solve health, attitude, and learning problems.

Maintains thorough records for each student.

Selects, requisitions, and maintains books, instructional materials, and instructional aids.

Models nondiscriminatory practices in all activities.
Salary and benefits adhere to the Cairo Association of Teachers Contract with the Board of Education.
Individuals must complete a state approved preparation program (or hold a valid and comparable out-of-state certificate), meet all coursework and testing requirements, and meet all other requirements detailed in Illinois statute and rules.

Download the certified application below under Files, and mail the completed application to Cairo School District Number One Attn: Business Office 4201 Sycamore St., Cairo, IL 62914 or email the completed application to [email protected]
Contact Debra Huff
Phone: 618-734-4102
Fax: 618-734-4047
4201 Sycamore, Cairo, IL 62914