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Dress Code

Cairo School District #1 – Uniform Policy 2021-2022 (AP 7:165-AP1)
General Information
1. Clothing shall be of proper fit.
2. Clothing shall be clean, in good repair, with no holes, cuts or tears.


• Solid-colored and/or stripe-styled polo shirts designed to button at the neck.
• Short or long-sleeved Oxford shirts (shirts must be buttoned with the exception of the top button).
• Solid-colored and/or stripe-styled vests, sweaters, V-neck sweaters, non-hooded sweatshirts, and pullovers in any color.
• Jackets and outerwear may be of any color with or without hoods.
Undershirt Items:
• Solid-colored T-shirt or turtlenecks can be worn under collared shirts.


• Solid-colored khaki pants, jeans, shorts, capris, skirts and shorts with NO rips, tears, or holes.
• Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than two inches above the top of the knee.
• All bottoms must fit to waist and be hemmed at the bottoms.

Please Note:

• School clothes must be neat and clean.
• Shirts/tops must fit properly including appropriate length.
• White tops must have either a white or flesh-colored undergarment.


• NO excessively large, baggy, or skin-tight tops.
• No leggings, low-rise, hip-hugger, tight-fitting, jeggings, yoga-style pants, stretchy, shiny, leather or leather-like material, sweatpants, pajama material, wind pants, sagging, baggy and/or over-length and cut-style pants.
• No house shoes and slippers.
• No head-gear (e.g. hats, caps, sock hats, curlers, sweatbands, stockings, bandanas, night wraps, visors, sunglasses or other head coverings).
o Note: head-gear exceptions will be made for students who wear them for bonafide religious reasons.
• Shoestrings and shoe straps must be attached and worn properly.
• Note: Solid colored tights, leggings or jeggings in any solid color: white may only be worn under skirts.

1st Offense: Verbal warning
2nd Offense: Detention (parent must pick up item)
3rd Offense: In school suspension (parent must pick up item)
4th Offense: Out of school suspension (parent must pick up item)