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Employment Opportunities » K-12 Reading and Math Interventionist

K-12 Reading and Math Interventionist

K-12 Reading and Math Interventionist
Cairo School District 1
Position Summary:
The K-12 Reading & Math interventionist provides systematic intervention to students with the primary goal of improving academic achievement. Interventionists provide capacity to classroom teachers in implementing intervention initiatives as well as planning, implementing, and assessing intervention services to ensure fidelity. Interventionists increase the school’s capacity to effectively implement identified core or universal practices to all students.

1. Provide evidence based instruction and intensive interventions to individuals and/or small groups for the purpose of improving literacy and math achievement levels
2. Assist in the scheduling and assignment of student interventions
3. Implement and/or facilitate classroom teacher implementing the assigned intervention(s) with fidelity
4. Assess implementation of classroom interventions to ensure fidelity
5. Monitor and communicate student progress with students, families, administrators and staff
6. Work with staff to assess learning and behavioral needs and distinguish between issues related to family, culture, or language and a learning style or disability
7. Analyze grade, class, and individual student academic and behavioral data for the purpose of increasing student achievement and making informed decisions relative to instructional practices
8. Review and evaluate student achievement information in order to place students in appropriate academic or behavioral intervention and support services
9. Analyze district assessment data to understand students’ needs in order to select and recommend evidence-based instructional interventions to implement
10. Collaborate with teachers for the purpose of increasing student achievement by ensuring core instructional best practices are implemented with fidelity to meet the needs of students
11. Utilize protocols to ensure that interventions have been implemented with fidelity
12. Use systematic and valid data collection procedures to measure effectiveness of their own services in order to evaluate the impact on student achievement
13. Assist in developing a comprehensive process of data collection and effective decision making and problem solving that permeates all aspects of the school and in response to intervention model
14. Maintain up-to-date files related to student support and in accordance with the Board of Education policies
15. Participate in district professional development related to job and attend meetings, trainings, and professional development as required
16. Keep informed of best practices and new developments related to literacy, math, and behavior and share the information with appropriate staff
17. Participate in or lead on-going job-embedded professional development such as meetings, workshops and trainings for the purpose of determining success of literacy/math content knowledge, pedagogy and coaching
18. Facilitate effective instruction that meets the individual needs of diverse learners by consulting with staff on individualized instruction, managing classroom behavior, monitoring student progress, evaluating classroom data, and adjusting intervention and instructional strategies to make content accessible to every student
19. Effectively communicate, collaborate, and consult with staff, administrators, and families to promote positive peer relationships and social problem solving; school-wide positive behavior systems; interventions, supports and programs to promote student wellness and reduce barriers to learning
20. Use collaboration and communication skills to promote necessary change at the individual student, classroom, school, and district level
21. Communicate knowledge and experience by taking on a leadership role, district and/or school-wide, when initiatives involve area of expertise
22. Display ability to work collaboratively with others on a team
23. Perform other tasks, duties, or services consistent with this position as assigned
Salary and benefits adhere to the Cairo Association of Teachers contract with the Board of Education.
Education and Experience:
• Illinois State certification in teaching in appropriate subject area.
• And/or complete a state approved preparation program or hold a valid and comparable out-of-state certificate.
• Meet all coursework and testing requirements, and meet all other requirements detailed in Illinois statute and rules.


Download a Certified Application below, or call 618-734-4102 choosing option 1 and request that an application be mailed to you. Mail the application to Cairo School District Number One Attn: Business Office 4201 Sycamore St., Cairo, IL 62914 or email the completed application to [email protected]
Contact Debbie Huff
Phone: 618-734-4102
Fax: 618-734-4047
4201 Sycamore, Cairo, IL 62914