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Dress Policy

Cairo School District #1 – Uniform Policy 2021-2022 (AP 7:165-AP1)
Revised:  August 17, 2022
General Information
1. Clothing shall be of proper fit.
2. Clothing shall be clean, in good repair, with no holes, cuts or tears.



Shirts must fit properly and completely cover chest and stomach areas.  No strapless, sheer, or sleeveless shirts, tank tops, tube shirts, or pajamas shirts are prohibited; no undergarments should be seen.

Pants must fit properly and completely.  No skin, undergarments or shorts may not have visible through the pants.  Dresses, shorts, skorts, skirts must be at fingertip length. 
  • NO excessively large, baggy, or skin-tight tops and pants.
  • No leggings, low-rise, hip-hugger, tight-fitting, jeggings, yoga-style pants, stretchy, shiny, leather or leather-like material, pajama material, sagging, baggy and/or over-length and cut-styled pants.
* Special considerations will be made on a care-by-care basis pending Administration Approval.

Please Note:

White tops or pants must have either a white undershirt or white undergarment or flesh-colored undergarments.
Any attire or piercings deemed inappropriate by the principal or his/her designee is not permitted.
• Shoestrings and shoe straps must be attached and worn properly.


  1. Students must wear footwear at all time, and footwear must be appropriate for the activity.  No house shoes flip flops, open-toe shoes, or slippers.
  2. No head-gear (hats, caps, sock hats, curlers, hoods, sweatbands, stockings, bandanas, night wraps, scarfs, visors, sunglasses or other similar head coverings).
  3. Clothing and accessories (jewelry, belt buckles, necklaces, etc.) with obscene, crude or rude picture, or saying pertaining to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, extreme violence, sex or gangs are not permitted.
* If a student wishes to wear a uniform which was approved during the uniform policy, they may do so.

1st Offense:    Verbal warning
2nd Offense:   1 Detention (parent must pick up item)
3rd Offense:    In school suspension (parent must pick up item)
4th Offense:    Out of school suspension (parent must pick up item)